Downloading the program

Unfortunately sometime some anti-virus software and some browsers (Firefox, Chrome) detect our program like a harmful or even "potentially dangerous software" - please do not trust such messages. All such messages are false positives. A false positive is a mistake that happens occasionally — the anti-virus thinks a download is harmful when it’s actually safe. We do not develop the computer viruses, we develop the parental control software. And in order to filter internet traffic and protect your kids - we use some spy techniques. Therefore some anti-viruses detect our program as a virus.

The program does not contain any hidden functions, all the program functions are described on our web site. Moreover, the program is signed by my personal digital signature - "Zimin Sergei Alexandrovich IP" - it guarantees that the program does not contain any hidden harmful functions for you.

To download the program, please visit the special page - if this page will be blocked by the browser (Firefox, Chrome) or your anti-virus software, please ignore their message.


Ignore all the browser's messages about harmful content.

Visit the special page  to download ContentWasher.


To configure the program through a local network from any computer, you can download a separate administrative module. It requires no installation and it is free. Details...